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Once again, my initial travel plan takes a side road.

I began this month’s series in earnest last week, thinking I would read each nourishing daily post and reflect/act on them. Well, reading happened, internal reflecting, but alas over the weekend there was important family time, plus needed work my wife and I do on our rural property trying to change out own environment (more trees!).

We live in a place (prairies of south Saskatchewan, Canada) which is not necessarily known for having trees, more for being cleared and processed for agriculture.  But it does/can happen (like a forest one can walk through and almost get lost in), and we are aiming to create a local oasis for wildlife. We’ve made change here in 3 years.

And being outside, digging, planting, trying to make our tiny corner of the planet maybe better, returning to nature, is so grounding. Rewarding. Healing.

I have work to do with my own self-expectations, but gives some thoughts to when I build activities, if maybe I have a hand in doing this to others. But the reward in the activity so far is reading what others are posting here, seeing responses, seeing messages activities in the Slack. Seeing names of people I look forward to getting to know.

Having just listened to Theresa’s story and tips in her video for reflection 5 brings home the lesson of not making content/activities/tasks first. That is a tough one to learn, given the culture of Getting Things Done and Outcomes and Accomplishments.

We’ve planted a large number of saplings, transplanted shrubs here, and frankly, in the extreme heat of summer and cold of winter, not all survive. Maybe a minority. But as my wife and I remind each other, each one that does come back in the spring, and a bit taller, more strong, is a plus.

A 1 foot high pine needled sapling growing out of dried grass and snow in a field.

A future tree to sit under and relax in its shade

I am trying to get better at seeing that everywhere- it’s what we as people add that counts, that is a positive. That comes before grand plans of doing something every day!