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Trading card for Rissa S-U

My trading card for the IEH series shows my head as a cyclohexane ring (flat). My name is Rissa Sorensen-Unruh, I’m a gender fluid female and my hometown is hard to say because my dad was military and my mom was a Methodist minister, so we moved A LOT (although we lived in El Paso, TX for most of my childhood).

My classroom passions include Ungrading, JEDI (although I know some prefer DEIJ, but this shows my love for Star Wars (and bonus – Star Trek too) as well, and STEM (I have masters in both organic chemistry and statistics and teach chemistry at a CC). My life passions include spending time with family, walking and hiking (which I cannot do right now because I have a Grade 3 high intensity ankle sprain), writing, and thinking/talking about deeply human issues (which I call spirituality, but that may not be the best term…maybe philosophical spirituality is better? Or redundant?).

I’m glad to be learning and practicing IEH with y’all!