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I have been really busy so far in May and haven’t been able to participate much in IEH yet, but I’m planning for that to change over the next couple of weeks. Starting with a belated introduction!

For my Alt CV I want to share a bit about some things that bring me joy, both personally and professionally.

1. Long walks outside–I live in a beautiful place (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), and I never tire of the views I’m able to enjoy on long walks. Like the rainbow I saw recently that I’ve included in the header image here.

2. Watching science, math, and engineering videos on YouTube with my teenage son (such a great way to learn!).

3. Camping with my family in the summer and paddleboarding on the ocean.

A simple chandelier with light bulbs missing, sitting strangely next to a walking path on the side of a road.

Free light fixture to good home.

4. Finding something unusual and wonderful in the everyday, like a chandelier sitting on a walking path on another recent walk, in the image at right.

4. Having the opportunity to work with incredibly engaged, dedicated, and talented folks who support teaching and learning in so many different ways and contexts at my university. I love learning from and with these folks, and doing what I can to support them in their amazing work.

5. Meeting, developing, and continuing relationships with new and existing colleagues and friends through shared experiences like open online courses and events like MYFest and this IEH series. Finding people who are interested in similar questions, wonder about similar challenges, and provide multiple perspectives and approaches so that we can all learn from each other. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to connect with people through experiences such as this, especially when those connections are able to continue over longer periods (which has been the case with many people here in the IEH series and MYFest!). I’m so looking forward to meeting and connecting with new people too!

Find me at (I read nearly every day, but am not as active in posting as I'd like...hoping to change that!)