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My trading card for IEH2023

I have just started a new job managing online programmes at a university in South Africa. Previously I was a lecturer and researcher in the social sciences field. I am for sure a lifelong learner, and I am passionate about learning how to learn. In recent online short-learning programmes I designed, I could draw on social learning and communities of learning/interest to create opportunities to make meaning together.

I discovered Liberating Structures in 2019, and it has liberated me! I get joy from trying various structures in various settings for different purposes. It is so fulling when it works, and there is so much learning when things don’t go as you anticipated.

In general, what drives me in life is social justice (therefore my choice of header image).

Outside of learning, I enjoy pulling weeds in my garden, seeing trees growing, and listening to the birds they attract. [Never mind that I don’t have more space in my garden for trees, I cannot resist planting rare indigenous shrubs and trees.] And I love walking in nature – even better when near water – but spend way too little of my time doing this.