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Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

I’m using this Alt CV as an opportunity to demonstrate what kind of educator I am, not by describing anything about me but by challenging you with some tasks… if you accept.

Task 1

  1. Identify a game you like, whether to play solo or with others. Play it for exactly 3 minutes and 73 seconds. Then come back here.
  2. Welcome back! Did you play for the exact time mentioned above? Why or why not? If you were having fun, why stop? If you were not having fun, why take the full amount of time?
  3. I invite you to reflect on the balance between your interest in following rules and doing what you want. Below are some options for reflection. Complete as many of them as you like.
    1. Spend exactly 8 minutes and 0.04 seconds thinking about this balance.
    2. Spend roughly 3 minutes writing about this balance in a reply to this post.
    3. Reflect on this balance any way you want and keep it to yourself or share it with others.
    4. Never mind the reflection. Find a game you like and go play it.

Task 2

  1. Do a search for Alkali Metals. Learn about them however you like: reading, watching a video, listening to a podcast, visiting a chemistry museum, or building a chemistry museum because there isn’t a local one and developing an exhibit on Alkali Metals… Whatever you like! Then come back here.
  2. Welcome back! Describe your favourite Alkali Metal. Feel free to do so as you please, perhaps by telling someone, sharing an answer on this blog, quietly making your selection and keeping it to yourself, or inviting over your favourite stegosaurus and letting them know – and be sure to find out their favourite Akali Metal too! Then come back to this post.
  3. Your choice was incorrect. Whatever it was, it was wrong. Choose another, and be sure to know that that choice is wrong, too.
  4. On second thought, your first answer was right. Good for you!
  5. I now invite you to reflect on how you feel when others judge your choices. You can complete the reflection using the same options as for Task 1.

Task 3

  • Please agree with me about a statement I just thought of just now but did not put in writing.
  • Please disagree with me about an opinion I have about a whatchamacallit.
  • Did you do the actions above in the correct order? They weren’t numbered, so I’ll leave it to you to determine the correct order. It’s correct unless it isn’t!
  • I invite you to reflect on passive aggression, incomplete instructions, and pointless feedback. Complete the reflection in a way not listed in the previous tasks.

Enjoy the rest of your morning, afternoon, evening, or night!