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Here’s my ‘trading card’ which tries to capture the most important things for me to think about as an online teacher and learner.

The text on the slide is in 4 sections. Under the heading, 'Digital education as caring' the following are listed: learning- social, emotional and cognitive; power differential?; contributions valued; community, equity and belonging; and active learning. Under the heading, 'Online distance learning', the following are listed: students bringing experience; want to share but anxious about getting it 'wrong'; longing for connection; mental health at risk; guilt about 'time for me'; multiple distractions; intimate spaces; and family in the background. Under the heading, 'Online spaces', the following are listed: distance can be a positive - inclusive TEL; skill and confidence; accessibility and affordances - online as 'the privileged mode'; and a 'daring space'. Under the heading, 'Online distance teaching', the following are listed: friendly, encouraging and helpful; understanding the challenges that distance learners face; activities that allow everyone to contribute comfortably; working well with colleagues; and sharing expertise.