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A drawing of me. I have dark blonde hair (basically brown near the roots), greenish eyes and I'm smiling. Drawing done by: Tara O' Connor


About me:

I work at the University of Manchester in the UK and have two roles there, one with the Library and one with our Institute of Teaching and Learning. Both roles have me getting involved in teaching, teaching and academic development, equity and belonging. Right now, I am working on a few projects, one of the bigger ones is launching a University-wide network focused on belonging and equity to support students and staff working and learning collaboratively on some of our wicked problems.

I have three kids (a 9yr old, a 6yr old, and a 3yr old) and a horse, and they usually come up in conversation at some point (and the kids are often in the background on Zoom calls). 🙂

Random fact: I got to go out in Las Vegas with Tony Curtis (

Where else you can find me: Twitter and Mastodon (mostly Mastodon now) at @jnyrose/, and I am slowly rebuilding my webpage at