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Oh it’s been awhile since I could write here! The last two weeks, especially, seem to have just filled to the brim (mostly with work but also with my eldest’s 11th birthday!), and I found myself missing out on the daily IEH reflections and even the Slack (which is saying something, as I love a quick way to connect and hear what other people are up to). I finally had something come up (the laundry, I had to put away laundry!) that meant I could just…have a few of the videos going as I did other things, and I found myself really thinking about what we mean when we talk about connection and reflection.
What I noticed, when I was listening in, was that I didn’t really have the capacity to muse on the specifics. I was already overfull with details of life in other ways (it turns out it is quite tricky to explain but not demonstrate how to inline skate to a kid who just got them for their birthday for example), and my brain sort of slid away from learning “something new”  and was just reaching for a sense of welcome, a chance to feel included without taking anything else on. Because of that, I wasn’t listening, so much, for exactly what was said, and I noticed, instead, how each person in their own way was fiercely welcoming and warm–and every single one of them was specifically grappling with creating space for others to be with them in their teaching. I love the detail and tips we give out, and how everyone wants to help others and themselves do good work, but on some level I wondered if we also needed some space ourselves to let go of the detail and talk about the underlying anchors.

Someone told me once, when I was struggling to write something, that I should imagine myself dropped on a desert island–what would happen there just because of me? What are the core values and pedagogies and philosophies that I carry with me–the things that “create” the tips, strategies and practice? I thought about that person again, when I was listening to those videos, and feeling connected, not because of the tips or expertise, but because I could also hear, interwoven with that all, what they carry with them wherever they go.

I’m clearly not finished thinking about this!