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Oh am I glad I decided to click and watch the bonus video for Reflection #22 – Curb Cut:

It is both a brilliant metaphor and told succinctly, with animation (and humour “y’all”). And I would sense it works well if you just listen to it, the visuals are not essential. The takeaway idea is that designing for one student or a few with specific needs, has benefits for more, it’s so simple.

One tihng I wish was explained more was what were the design changes the narrator made for the “one student” he used as an example. It became a bit vague as to what the redesign elements included, though a few things were suggested afterward “turn and talks”, “more frequent checkins”). But maybe that’s not as important as the message of how the change for one student created better experiences for all.

I might consider though that in the case of a curb, or for that matter, all of the design affordances in the physical world. it is one design choice for all who enter a space or encounter it, while when teaching/facilitating, we can create multiple iterations.

Thanks much for this video gem!