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Here’s an image that could be printed and folded into a card if we were doing this in physical space and trading cards 🙂

trading card with houseplants on left, text on right

There’s a picture of some houseplants on the left, and some text on the right. Here is the text:

Name: Laura Gibbs

Motto: Spes ultima dea. Hope is the last goddess.

These are my plants. Miracle: they are still alive! 

Things in my home besides these plants:
   * books (SO. MANY. BOOKS.)
   * jigsaw puzzles
   * crayons and coloring books
   * lots of coffee, tea, and cocoa

If you are in Austin, Texas please come see me!
There is a guest room. With coloring books. 🙂

Current projects:
   * Guide to African Diaspora Folktales at the Internet Archive
   * a new project for 2023, audio mythology & folklore
   * #AnansiBookClub at Twitter
   * #TricksterChaos at Twitter

Little-known factoid:
   * I was a Polish major in college