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In one of the planning meetings last week, Maha’s daughter started us talking about Hermione and her magically extended bag… and that led us back in time to Mary Poppins and her magically extended bag.

Mary Poppins pulls large picture out of a small bag
[Mary Poppins gif source]

I mention this because I would definitely need a magically extended suitcase to take away things from MYFest, and there’s still the month of August to go.

I’ve been keeping a Padlet mini-blog I guess you could call it, and that gives just SOME of the things that would have to go in my MYFest suitcase! Here’s my Padlet (I post something MYFest-y every day). This is the first time I’ve ever used a Padlet as a blog, and it’s been a total success, at least for me. Quick, easy… which means I was able to add at least something every day. I like blogs because, like Mary Poppins’s bag (and Hermione’s too), they are infinitely extensible.

You’ll find a few links to slidedecks there in the Padlet, and that is one of the projects I am excited about for this last month of August; I want to collect links to ALL the slidedecks that are available. I saw so many FABULOUS slidedecks during MYFest, and for me going back to slidedecks is a great way to jiggle my memory, better than trying to use the session videos.

So, as I “pack” the slideshows into my MYFest bag, I will make sure to share that with everybody else too. More news about that as the collection takes shape.