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I love this prompt and yet find it difficult to come up with quickly, but I wanted to have a first take on it today!

I kept thinking I was done and then kept going back to add more! I also made an image to go along with it.

Basically here are some of the things that came to me immediately:

  1. Friends and community (Zoom sessions and Slack and private convos)
  2. More ideas on upgrading and alternative assessment (Rissa)
  3. Ideas for better wellbeing in my teaching and practice (Christy & Mays)
  4. Affirmation of value of “agency” in PD
  5. Accessibility (esp Yasser)
  6. Affirmation of value of Equity Unbound & MYFest
  7. Ripples of JOY for me & my kid! (Laura, Manifest)
  8. Daily Create ideas for my digital literacies class (Alan!)
  9. Inspiring writing prompts (Heather/Felecia/Mia/Laura)
  10. Value of emergence!!! (this one is not on the image, just thought of it now)

Adding the image below again in case the header affects the formatting or something.

image of a suitcase and list of the items in the blogpost as things I would put in my suitcase