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I do not have a literal whiteboard, and I am not even near my office or my home.  I am traveling from here to there in these days of early August.  But I guess I do have a proverbial whiteboard, in my mindscape.  On it, I have pinned the quote I referenced in our #MYFest22 “Dreaming Higher Ed Futures” Session: 

Grace Lee Boggs (American author, activist & feminist) has inspired me with this question, which rings in my ear.  It is a big question, but when I walk in nature, or contemplate the rhythm of challenging days, I observe myself thinking both small and then big, while I try to to keep both views in focus.

When I power the question of the clock of the world, I think of the idea of “reset”.  So I am calling this my #MYFest22 whiteboard ‘reset intention’.

Can the clock be reset?  Can we notice and pay attention to new and different things, both big and small, in order to change the unfolding of both time and space?  Can we do this in our own hearts, and in turn, make shifts that heal the world?