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Hello! I’m Amy Archambault and excited to be attending IEH after a lovely invitation from Maha! This was a great activity and I am absolutely going to use it somewhere in my teaching and/or fac dev spaces. Thank you for sharing!

Just a recap of my trading card…I live with my husband, 2 teens, and 2 dogs in Lewisville, North Carolina, US.  I love being outside hiking and exploring the world! Reading, creating mixed media collages/books, and eating chocolate are some of my favorite things to do. Currently, I work as the Interim Director/Assistant Dir of Instructional Design in the Office of Online Education at Wake Forest University. I’ve been navigating the intersectional spaces of social justice, design thinking/justice, and inclusion in my work as an instructional designer and continue to explore what that means/looks like when incorporating that into my work. I’m excited to learn more about IEH!

Looking forward to meeting all of you!