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Grey and black trading card wih a black and white image of Kate Molloy. The text reads: Kate Molloy, Learning Technologist, University of Galway, Loves Dogs, Perpetually WorriedIntroduction: Hello all! I’m Kate and I’m a Learning Technologist at University of Galway in our teaching and learning centre. From 2019 – 2022, I was working as the university lead on the Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning project.

This was a national project, run through the IUA, that shifted focus to help staff and students cope with digital teaching and learning during the emergency period. It’s certainly been an exhausting few years. My recent work has focused a lot on accessibility and inclusion, blended and online teaching, open education, and digital competencies. I’m delighted to participate in this series, and I’m hoping that my day job doesn’t interfere too much!

About me: I live in the centre of Ireland with my dog, Mary, and I enjoy taking her for long walks either in the country, or by the lakes, rivers, or sea.

Something you might not know about me: When I was ten years old, a fact I learned from an episode of The Simpsons helped me to skip a grade at school.

More about me:

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