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I spent a blissful day today making a Twine game inspired by amb’s book Emergent Strategy. I had been wanting to do some kind of Twine this summer (the last big Twine I did was Cryptid Encounters for DPL last summer)… and now I did it. Yay!

The Twine interface has changed in the past year, so this was such a good opportunity to learn the new interface while getting into that rapturous FLOW that is designing with Twine. There’s something about the formality of the code but the open-endedness of the system that is ideal for me. I can spend hours working on a Twine and barely even notice the time. So, I’m glad to offer my services as a Twine coach to anyone who wants to give it a try!

Here’s the game I made today: MYFest Dreamscape. It was prompted by the Dreaming Higher Ed Futures track, and I’m excited to share it with the group on Monday. Plus I built this so that it can be expanded with more dimensions of content and more writing of my own too… I’m sure something will prompt me to come back to this soon. It’s a very fractal thing; that is, I can iterate the shape of what I created this time, adding new dimensions of content and reflection, expanding the dreamscape with new thoughts and ideas. And reading amb this summer has given me so many thoughts and ideas!

screenshot of the game showing a dandelion