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Right now I am sitting in my kitchen on this Sunday morning. Drinking tea, looking out on nature, laptop in my lap.

I watch birds a lot. We have a wonderful big window that overlooks our forested backyard, and the birds are a happy show out there. I suspect it is a season of transition, because there is a higher-than-normal level of activity.

Many sightings this morning. I see chickadees, juncos, bluebirds, cardinals, robins, warblers, starlings and finches, jays and wrens, …and we have a sturdy nest of barn swallows (who are expecting soon). The swallows have made a temporary home right up close, perched beside the big window. We also have a two magnificent pileated woodpeckers who visit regularly, along with several downy woodpeckers, some flickers, and some red-bellied woodpeckers as well.  They hop up and down on the trunks. When woodpeckers fly, they undulate up and down in a funny way that catches the eye.

Every morning the birds are busy and bustling. Here and there they go, zipping to and fro, doing their thing. They always mix up their flight patterns and branch landings, depending on the changes out there in the environment.

I notice that watching the birds helps me gather myself for a new day. Something about their vibrancy, and flight, and the community curiosity they seem to embody.

If I take this time to have tea while looking at the birds, my mind feels a sense of wonder, and peace, ..and things bubble up, internally.  Small wisdoms, hopeful ideas, new reflections. And sometimes even new plans of action.


Ps. Listening by the window in bed at night, I sometimes hear owls too.