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Responding and reflecting on the Daily Nourishing Reflecting #2 one goal is not to fall behind! Hah.

Why are you here with us this month? What are you hopes, goals and expectations for the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality Series? What other goals do you have for May, and how might this community help you achieve it?

Consider it my own challenge, a call back to colleagues I’ve slipped away from a bit. But really, I want to improve my facilitation chops and skills for any kind of session, online and in person. I have some success with running events that are mostly on some honed skills of being energetic, positive (all of which is a fight agains my introvert tendencies). I tend to prefer running sessions that are less structures, live, spontaneous, conversational.

Of course Maha has an approach I always learn from. And I was also moved in the OER24 keynote by Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz, when they opened with a silent self reflection (that link should to that specific part of the talk) they borrowed from Kate Bowles’s OER19 keynote, paraphrasing:

Think of three people

One person that made it easier for you to be here
One person you regret is not here
One person who helped you on the longer journey to be here

I am looking for better ways to not just run things, but actively and with full care listen, and respond in sessions. Too often we get focused on the content and outcomes, and I like to also be ready and willing to change my plans with the interests from participants, so its not just about “my” plans. I saw this really well done in March by Dave Cormier (I see he has a video in this mix) who always does a fluid online session style where he pauses, and responds to the audience, in a way that flows with his message.

Experiencing sessions from the facilitators here and beyond convince me I can get much more intentional in my planning and also, one can always stand to have more equitable approaches too, I dot think you really hit a “done” mark there. I also feel a desire to be part of a an active group again, much of my work (online) has drawn me away from many colleagues I grew to know as more than that, but friends, but also, to expand that circle. My current work is a fine atmosphere, very friendly, but I find a lacking energy in my work groups, the “let’s do something daring or big” that I was fortunate to have in previous work/projects.

Also, to be honest, I feel a lot more tired, maybe even negative, and some sense of doom (killing of women and children in Gaza, the impending climate crises, little to trust in governments and institutions). Oops, that was gloomy.

And my writing and creative output feels stalled, so I am seeking a spark too.  My expectation for myself is not to slip up, and let myself stop doing the activities here. I’m gonna as well dedicate myself to felcting openly here, hope its not hogging the SPLOT microphone.

So yeah I hope for hopeful feelings.

The bracelet in the photo is from a local group my wife is involved with and I attend some of their events called Journey to Hope, that supports people, including a youth group, who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide.