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In my experience, spaces are not purely IEH or not.

Space is experienced subjectively and is dynamic:

From time to time, it will be more or less intentional; more or less equitable; more or less hospitable.

That said, I think being explicit and transparent about IEH is key.

I was recently in a space led by young, queer people of color. They created a space (a synch and asych thread or community of practice) around White Accountability for the white participants. This has been a fantastic space to make sure that we don’t unintentionally perpetuate white supremacy.

While primarily for white people, folks in the larger also discussed how people of color can also perpetuate white supremacy.

Making a (sometimes uncomfortable) topic Intentionally explicit can defuse it, making the space more Equitably Hospitable.

I think the explicit approach makes “equitable adaptation” more hospitable because the motivation for shifts are clear.