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So here is my trading card as part of my first day activity in the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality.  I used Slides to make this as my drawing abilities leave something to be desired.  I included pets and a photo of myself as part of thinking about one of the ways I try to engage and folks feel welcomed is through encouraging the sharing of those who are companions in their life be they partners, children, parents, pets or whoever else adds meaning in their life.

A trading card with a yellow perimeter. The top half includes cropped images of a short hair persian cat, a black and white photo of a white man slightly balding with beard and glasses, a mud turtle, and a black cat, but you can only see half the black cat as it is presented in a way that makes the border of the card seem like the cat is half-hiding behind it. The text is provided below this image.

To keep the Alt-text from too long, I’m including the text of the card below:

The Wanderers Four*

Rumored to be located in Rhode Island, this band of merry misfits spend their days deep in their interdisciplinary work:

Pumpkin: Slayer of demons (also known as bugs), speaker of incantations only to be heard by the color magenta.

Lance: Listener of audiobooks, collector of degrees, giver of hugs, currently aspiring to collect his final (for now?) degree.

MJ: Swimmers of oceans, survivor of unseen calamities, his hermitted life allows him to serenely imagine the unimaginable.

Bear: Speaker to dragons (ok, birds), Cryer of injustices (half-empty food dish), spends her days achieving nirvana through prolific practice of the arcane practice known as cat-napping.

Special abilities: Naps, Out-of-tune songs, persistence for silly distractions, and nerding out.

*Not included in this card is the The Mindful Herder, a partner card who supports, amplifies, and cares deeply for this menagerie.