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I was so struck by the spiral writing exercise we did for Dreaming Higher Ed Futures… it’s like ripples, but different, so that is the metaphor I want to write about. More specifically: MYFest is not just a spiral, but also a spirograph.

Spirals start out SMALL, and then they get bigger. The theme of “small” here at MYFest has meant so much to me. I always work on a small scale… but I am a believer in the way that small things grow, and the spiral shows that happening.

As spirals grow bigger, they radiate OUTWARDS. That is what I hope I can do with MYFest, taking what we have learned and done in all these sessions outwards into my future work, sharing and connecting with others as I do.

spiral petroglyph in desert landscape

Hohokam petroglyph in Saguaro National Park
photo by Don Sniegowski CC-BY-NC-SA

When you ITERATE the curve, beautiful and unexpected things can happen. And that’s what spirograph does: it uses slight deflections and iterations to turn the curve into amazing shapes. When I was little, I played for hours and hours and hours with my Spirograph. Here’s an online Spirograph. Play with it and see!


screenshot of online spirograph
Iteration is magical, and it happens even at the tiniest scale: just small changes as you iterate can yield wonderful new patterns. That is what MYFest has been doing for me, and I hope all the small iterating will keep on going, helping me to grow outwards in new, unexpected ways.