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MYFest has been an exhilarating, enriching experience. I’m grateful to everyone I have met, whether synchronously in a Zoom session, or asynchronously in a track like #daily-creating on Slack. I’ve been enjoying creating things, and even more so seeing and listening to what others have been creating. It’s also been fun to learn about cool tech tools. For example, when Laura wrote about an online spirograph in her reflection last week, I knew I had try it out. So, I did and ended up with this spiral design:

Spirograph design

Well, I looked at this geometric pattern of spirals in the middle of the image and immediately saw a rocket ship. I imagined I was standing directly underneath the rocket, which had just blasted off. (Yes, it’s probably a toasty vantage point.) So, looking up at the underbelly of the rocket, the energy source – the pink and purple spirals – pulsates in the center. Extending up and around the body of the rocket is the outer shell – the tightly woven yellow spirals. And finally, the seven-point white star pattern represents the interconnected support struts, which are slowly retracting inwards as the rocket ship ascends into the night sky.

So, what does this have to do with MYFest, besides being a nifty little design? I further imagine that I am leaving MYFest with a rocket ship full of wonderful memories that will sustain me for a long time. Each of the seven support struts represents something precious from MYFest:

  • People
  • Gratitude
  • New tools
  • Joy
  • Deeper understandings
  • Connections
  • Ideas

And I added these words to the spirograph image and gave it the heading “MYFest22 Lift Off.” Now each strut has a word extending outward, and as the rocket ship lifts off, they retract into the ship to be shared later with other people:

MYFest Lift Off Design

So, when I pitch MYFest to others, I will simply show them this image and have a conversation about these points and my memories.

If you like the lift off design, you are welcome to use it as is or make any changes you like. This link will make a copy to your Google drive: