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My alt cv is visual cv of my walks and my baking adventures so far this year.

Daily Habits

I try to open my days by waking early and reading. I am currently reading two books and I read for about an hour in the mornings.

Next I try to meditate for at least 5 minutes and then I do some gentle Yoga ‘Salute to the Sun’

I then get dressed and listen to the news before I begin work

I try to walk somewhere beautiful everyday for at least two hours. I mostly walk on my own but sometimes my family or my friends join me. Walking helps me to feel grounded, and connected to the earth and to my humanity. It also helps me achieve a sense of perspective and supports me to approach life from a place of curiosity and compassion.

I like to go to bed early and I typically go to bed around 9pm

Walks 2024Rock, Sea and Rainbow View at Dún an Óir, Dingle, Co Kerry


Black Rock in the Sea at Banna Strand, near my home in Co Kerry Ireland


View of the trees and sea from Garnish Island off West Cork


View of the sea at Banna Strand, Co Kerry, very near where I live


My Cat

This is a picture of my cat. He was a wild cat who started to visit my home looking for food. I started to feed and care for him about two years ago and now we are very close. This is a picture of him asleep on my bed.

My black and white cat asleep on my bed


My Baking

I used to love baking when my children were young but during my years in academia I stopped baking. I set an intention at the beginning of this year to bake for my friends and family. It is another way of sharing my love for them. My first bake was a pavlova. I had always wanted to bake one but somehow I felt like I would not be able to, mainly because my sister who is a brilliant baker tried and was not successful. Anyway I tried my best and shared this with my beautiful cousins when they came to visit in January.


The first pavlova I ever baked. It is decorated with fresh cream fruit and berries and be

Next is a almond and apple cake I baked for my two school friends who came for dinner in March

A picture of an almond and apple cake that I baked for my friends

Finally this is an Orange and Olive Oil cake that I baked for my sister on her birthday

Orange and Olive Oil Cake with Icing Sugar : My sister's birthday cake